About Nicklas

Freeing the world from bad management, recruitment, interviews, feedback, collaboration, meeting culture, and all the other things that undermine our working life.

Your people at center

Do you believe that the key to unlocking tomorrow’s success lies in truly understanding the people behind it?

If so, then I guess we’re on the same wavelength. Good place to start, isn’t it?

Before my talks, I dive deep into your world, unraveling the realities that shape your culture. I don’t settle for generic insights — I deliver hyper-relevant science based speeches that resonate with your unique challenges. As long as it has to do with rethinking and improving work-life, I am your guy. 

It’s time to embrace a science based, tailored approach and ignite the change we’ve all been seeking. Let’s create a future where people in business thrive like never before.

Who am I to talk?

I travel the world inspiring leaders, HR and humans with infotainment about how to reinvent attraction, selection, engagement and management of People.

I have had the privilege of working with Olympians and World Champions. I have executed +500 recruitment processes, managed multiple teams of different specialists and inspired more than 10.000 people across 4 continents with my keynotes. 

Next to that, I have published scientific research on Talent Development, co-authored a book on Motivation and been featured as an expert on Television, in the Newspapers and in Magazines multiple times.

The driving force behind all of this is an inherent desire to create a better world for my daughter and son to grow up in. A world where they have equal opportunity to create the career and life they want. A world where they will meet fantastic leaders and HR professionals who utilize both technology and empathy to fuel their motivation and nurture their growth.


Share some thoughts on your challenges and I will reach out to you to discuss the possibility of having a relevant and engaging speak.