Company Growth and Leadership

Only 1/4 employees strongly agree that their manager’s feedback helps them do better work.

Gallup (2022). State of the Global Workplace.

How are your employees (really) doing?

The engagement of employees is key when it comes to a company’s success. 

Nothing too controversial in that statement. 

So how come so many people don’t feel unmotivated or are outright unhappy in their jobs? Get stressed or experience burnout?

How can I help you?

In my speaks, I challenge you to rethink the meaning of a successful work environment and equip you and your team to make qualified decisions that results in better results for your business.

Get a rundown of the data (not the “secret”) behind:

Teams with high engagement create 23% more earnings on the bottom line

Gallup (2022). State of the Global Workplace.

Why does it matter?

The motivation of employees is the single most important force behind a company’s success. Yet, only 21% say that they are engaged in their work.

My claim is that unmotivated employees are always the leadership’s responsibility (or even fault) – because culture starts at the top.

Equipping management to create an engaging, people-first work environment will result in better collaboration, improved well-being throughout the company, and, ind the end, higher performance.

Not really the issues you are dealing with?

No worries. These are examples, and I always tailor the speak to my client’s specific needs.

As long as it has to do with rethinking and improving work-life, I am your guy (also, I am very humble).

Want an example?

Every challenge is unique, just like every company and individual out there. That’s why my talks are always one-of-a-kind. I approach them with a blend of scientific insight and a touch of humor, serving up customized content that fits your exact needs. Let these examples be like sparks of inspiration.

Culture is everything and everything is culture. The way we all think, feel, talk, and act. The things we praise and the things we punish. The things we hang up on our walls and the things we hide in our closet. And culture is the driving force behind any successful team performance and organizational transformation. But even though culture lives in everyone, not everyone creates the culture.

Backed by research, theory, and practical examples I will talk about:

  • Why the culture in a team and an organization is always created from the top. 
  • Why your values might be worthless
  • How your KPIs hurts your performance 

“Innovative, Thoughtful and Ambitious”. Replace those three words with any other nice sounding adjectives and you have the values of the company you work in. But true value-based leadership does not come from writing the words in your e-mail signature, on posters and mousepads. It comes from the actual behavior and culture the leaders and managers foster in everyday interactions.

In this talk I will tell you how to ensure your values are alive in the culture through:

  • Aligning company values with the leaders’ individual values
  • Ensuring a translation from Values as Words to Values as Actions on an Operational Level
  • Implementing an Incentive System that is Value-based and not just performance-based

A Kick-Off for a new business year or a big new project can be a great experience. Lots of energy, pretty PowerPoint slides and a dinner party at night. But what happens when we leave the party and attend work the next Monday? How do we take the energy from the vision, mission, goals, and plans presented and use it for execution?

Those are the questions I will answer in this talk when presenting:

  • How to go from fluffy slides and big words to valuable actions and meaningful decisions
  • Why a strong sense of purpose and empowerment is key ingredients in execution
  • How to use behavioural psychology to maintain the energy from the kick-off 
  • The one simple hack to ensure that the kick-off participants actually executes


Share some thoughts on your challenges and I will reach out to you to discuss the possibility of having a relevant and engaging speak.