Your Challenges

44% of employees globally experience being stressed in their work

Gallup (2022). State of the Global Workplace.

Something is wrong in our work lives

Stress levels are at an all-time high, only 1/5 of us actually feel engaged in our work, and a lot of us are struggling with everything from recruitment to inclusion and feedback.

In my speaks, I offer a research-based take on creating a better work environment – for everyone. Through data, theory, and practical examples, I challenge you to rethink the way you go about creating a safe and successful work environment to determine what really goes wrong in your organization.

Get inspired by these topics

Every challenge is a world of its own, just like every company and individual. That’s why my talks are never the same. With a scientific approach and a dash of humor, I create highly customized content to meet your specific needs. Consider these examples as appetizers for inspiration.




Employee Well-being and Motivation

I challenge you to reconsider your approach to creating a better work environment, uncovering the root causes of issues withing you department or organization, and identifying effective solutions.

Complexities of Hybrid Working

How do you (re)connect as a team and keep motivations high while maintaining the flexibility of hybrid working? Let me guide you in reimagining the creation of a modern workplace.

Collaboration and Communication

Collaboration is at the heart of successful organizations, spanning across teams and departments. How do we improve to shape a dynamic workplace that embraces the demands of today’s reality?

Company Growth and Leadership

Within this topic I will challenge you to rethink the meaning of a successful work environment and equip you and your team to make qualified decisions that results in better results for your business.

Inclusion and Diversity

In todays work life we need to create an environment that embraces and values differences. I challenge you to take a hard look at your own bias and rethink the way you see issues like culture and leadership.

Recruitment and Retention

The difficulty of finding and retaining employees for your team often arises from making incorrect choices. I aim to disrupt the status quo and provide insights on cultivating a healthier culture.


Share some thoughts on your challenges and I will reach out to you to discuss the possibility of having a relevant and engaging speak.