Recruitment and Retention

8 out of 10 times companies choose the wrong candidate for management positions

Gallup (2022). State of the Global Workplace.

Why is your recruitment not working?

Posting job openings. Screening applications. Doing interviews. Interviews, interviews, interviews. Hiring. Or giving up.

For decades, recruitment processes have repeated the same outworn steps, and as a result, many companies are having trouble finding the “right” employees.

Experience can only predict 6% of performance in a new job

Gallup (2022). State of the Global Workplace.

How can I help you?

Most recruitment issues can be traced back to an outdated strategy and a misguided focus. In short: Finding (and keeping) employees for your team is often hard because you make the wrong choices.

In my speaks, I challenge you to rethink the way you see and handle recruitment to determine where your efforts lack and how to create a more prolific process.

Get a rundown of the data (not the “secret”) behind:

Why does it matter?

Skilled employees can pick and choose between workplaces. Renewing your recruitment strategy will help you improve the number and relevance of job candidates to build an even stronger team.

Not really the issues you are dealing with?

No worries. These are examples, and I always tailor the speak to my client’s specific needs.

As long as it has to do with rethinking and improving work-life, I am your guy. (Also, I am very humble.)

Want an example?

Every challenge is unique, just like every company and individual out there. That’s why my talks are always one-of-a-kind. I approach them with a blend of scientific insight and a touch of humor, serving up customized content that fits your exact needs. Let these examples be like sparks of inspiration.

Are you still screening resumés and cover letters? And then conducting a somewhat structured job interview? After having postes your job opening the same places in the same format as you have always done?

Then chances are, that you are missing out on some exceptional talents.

In this talk, I will share my perspectives on:

  • How your unconscious bias makes you loose the best candidates
  • Why your entire Branding, Marketing, Screening and interviewing need a make-over
  • The 5 steps to building an inclusive recruitment process that ensures a bigger, better and more diverse candidate pool.

Can you agree on the following? “Having the right people is the fastest way to achieve extraordinary results and take your team, department, and organization to the next level.”

If you can, then you know that employer branding and recruitment are the most important disciplines to focus on in 2023.

I will share my thoughts on:

  • Why experience is a poor predictor of future job performance
  • The three best ways to assess how well a candidate will perform, thrive, and fit into the team
  • How to double the number of applicants
  • What the most successful companies in the world do to attract candidates
  • Why identifying and fully leveraging your own or others’ strengths will not only accelerate performance but also increase engagement, motivation, and a sense of belonging.

We all hope that the extraordinary top performers want to work for us. But the Star Players have a lot of options, are constantly being approached and know their worth. Offering them “a competitive compensation”, free lunch and flexible working hours are not enough. 

In this keynote I will inspire you on how to:

  • Truly understand what attracts the Star Players and use it in your branding
  • Create a captivating core narrative that makes you stand out
  • Define and communicate your Unique Value Propositions
  • Connect the branding with your recruitment process


Share some thoughts on your challenges and I will reach out to you to discuss the possibility of having a relevant and engaging speak.